Thursday, 30 October 2014

Desired contrasts

I have seen
Tied determination at yellow flame of depressing pain,
A ray of light at the center of extensive darkness,
An alternative to freedom in yearlong confinement,
Sea of sympathy in an obdurate.

Empty hand to take up responsibility of entire society,
Finding gold in the mire under lotus,
Dream bird in aloof eyes,
Speechless mouth to speak words of heart.
Fragrance of worship in dry flowers,
Heard echo of prosody in numb voice,
Lightning to play on lap of gloomy clouds,
Noise of anklet bells to cut through nights.

I have found
Huge inside small,
Hope inside dejection,
Future to be hidden in present, and
Mental rigidity in lamentation.

Have seen courage hidden in frightened,
Creativity in absent minded.
Inquisitive mind in a vagabond,
New life in wave less pond.

Saturday, 25 October 2014


Accumulating the restlessness of the flowing river,
Gathering the force of the storm,
Spreading the shine of the burning sun,
With the serenity of twilight on face,
He will be born.

When he will come -
World will be filled with chirping of birds,
New buds will bloom on tree branches,
Delighted clouds will rain.
He will come bringing nectar from the deepest sea, 
He will come to distribute the divinity of Olympus.
He will arrive as the excellence of stature, 
as a figure of disciplined sagacity.
He will be born to bind the infinite,
to pass the impassable.
He will reach to flaming desert as consoling water drop;
will enter in a poor rustics house as lighted lamp.  

He will be 
the holder of delightful consciousness,
the prosody of fond poetry,
the instability of infancy,
the fickleness of youth.

His entrance will be 
as lightning of generosity,
as toughness dormant in depression. 
He will be
extinct arrogance, dedicated love.

With the glossiness of thousand stars,
With the torch of new era in hand
The NEWCOMER will be born.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Quick multiplication

          Multiplication is always an expensive operation to perform for critical and hard real time processor based application. Mathematically multiplication is a result of shifting and addition. KARATSUBA algorithm is a fast multiplication method. Without going into mathematical details I will just give an example.

Say, you have to multiply 9351 * 288
First, we can see max number of digit n = 4
We have to take a base Bm where m<n
Say B=10 and m=2
So resulting base Bm = 100
Now decompose the numbers :
X = 9351 = 93*100 + 51
Y = 288 = 2*100 + 88

P = 93*2 = 186
Q = 51*88 = 4488
R = (93+51) * (2+88) – X – Y = 144 * 90 – 186 – 4488 = 8286
So Result
Res = P * B2m + R * Bm + Q
= 186 * 10000 + 8286 * 100 + 4488
= 2693088

If you think the intermideate muliplications like (144 * 90) are also big you can apply the same recursively with approriate base.
So, computer programmer enjoy “Divide and Conquer” multiplication and all the competitive exam canditates, you can also conquer.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


     Two old women with white stick in hand came towards the dead body to examine it. After a few minutes of examining and looking towards each other they confirmed with a low voice : "PLAGUE".
    London, 1665. Once again the city faced the same curse which started 300 years back.And what is the curse!-well,that I have already mentioned: "OUTBURST OF PLAGUE". This time it was both fortunate and unfortunate. It was fortunate because it was the last time till today. It was unfortunate because 1665 was the biggest outbreak of the deadly epidemic which killed nearly one
fifth population of the city. 
    At that time London's population was increasing rapidly, but most of the population was in poverty and used to lead low quality unhealthy lifestyle. So the city became filthy. These overcrowded slums became the residance of rats. Rattus rattus, the Black Rat, is responsible for infecting humans with
this deadly disease.
    But, due to unawareness of the reason, people started to kill dogs and rats in numbers as those were believed to cause disease spread. According to report around 40,000 dogs and 200,000 cats were slaughtered.
    Poor people were naturally the first one to get affected. Rich persons got rid of this by flying to other parts of the country. Any family with one plague affected victim used to get locked inside their home and a red cross sign was painted on the door with the words ‘Lord have mercy upon us’.
    Weekly bill of mortality used to get sent to England authorities. Nearly 100,000 people died. Finally with approaching winter season the spread came under control as the weather took its toll on rats and fleas. Finally the nature interfered and helped humanity. The epidemic was ended by "Great Fire of London" which burnt most of the affected areas.