Thursday, 30 October 2014

Desired contrasts

I have seen
Tied determination at yellow flame of depressing pain,
A ray of light at the center of extensive darkness,
An alternative to freedom in yearlong confinement,
Sea of sympathy in an obdurate.

Empty hand to take up responsibility of entire society,
Finding gold in the mire under lotus,
Dream bird in aloof eyes,
Speechless mouth to speak words of heart.
Fragrance of worship in dry flowers,
Heard echo of prosody in numb voice,
Lightning to play on lap of gloomy clouds,
Noise of anklet bells to cut through nights.

I have found
Huge inside small,
Hope inside dejection,
Future to be hidden in present, and
Mental rigidity in lamentation.

Have seen courage hidden in frightened,
Creativity in absent minded.
Inquisitive mind in a vagabond,
New life in wave less pond.

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