Sunday, 2 November 2014


A dwarf traveler I am,
Walking all the long,
Out of this mortal world,
In hades.
I am unborn, because -
My death is in womb,
A premature death.
Abandoned before arrival,
Broken before being added.

I am not the charioteer of family's dream, rather
I am a memorial of inability to
Maintain clan flow intact.
Convicted before birth,
Entire family is afraid of my entrance.
I am an Evil,
A barriers for dynasty progression.
I am a sacrifice of some fallacious salvo;
Dedicated at party of false tradition.

How did you forget -
I was once valiant restless queen of Jhansi,
Again Sarojini Naidu,
And now the Mrs. modern.

I bring the future in my lap,
I show life path forever,
I am the symbol of dancing waters in ocean,
The beauty of bright moonlight,
An innocent strength,
Rosiness of evening sun.

Yet I am weak;-
Now I am just waiting for the next time,
When entire family will be blessed with my male-birth,
Their so-called destiny will change.
But what about me and my destiny?
Answer please.

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