Friday, 28 November 2014

I want to lose the heart

I want to lose the heart which
Has preserved an unfulfilled soul -
Entering on false competition stage,
Is an unsatisfied vision less steersman of the life vessel.
Has burnt it in the flame of retaliation day and night,
Has lost life rhythm against an abstract interest.

I want to forget the stupid heart who
Tries to find a comparison of incomparables in worldly wealth,
Is responsible for loosing relationship at the hand of unworthy quarrel.
Has tried to find solidarity in isolation,
Tried to find definition of donation in worthless calculation.

The heart which is
Sentenced to imprisonment of cruelty,
Resides in the cave of selfishness,
Unable to recognize the poetry of music,
Unable to comply with footsteps of youth,
- I want to lose the heart.

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