Friday, 21 November 2014

It was you

Who has lit the light in dark?
Who has made me forget pain of separation?
I was a prisoner at dungeon,
Hopeless Suffering.
Who has brought the melody back in me?

I asked my pen for prosody!
Pen didn't give- I came back empty-handed.
I asked wind for flourish!
Wind did not give- I failed.
I wanted to shelter from grass!
Grass did not give shelter- I,a tired for ever.

Then you came-
As ray through the pores of cage,
As fragrance through the orifice of ground.
Wiped my wounds with your tears,
Kept me in heart, Understood me.

You are the first to listen to my heart,
You are the first to read my eyes,
You are my dream partner,
       The touch of fresh fire.

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