Friday, 14 November 2014

Only you

I remember you-
Looking at the closed eyes of calm cloud,
Looking at the tired stars of motionless night.

I remember you in reckless instigation of childhood,
I remember you in colored elegance of youth,
I remember you at veiled afternoon,
I remember you at golden shadow of pleasant evening.

I see you-
Spreading illusion at corner of lonely lane,
Riding ferry of bargee less vessel.

I see you in scratches on sand of sea-shore,
I see you in water-globule on banana-leaf.

You reside in my unwavering mentality,
You reside in my lost poetry.

You are
The steersman of my pride,
My unforgettable color,
My awakened consciousness,
My shape-maker.
You are the leader of my life path,
The Invited Justice.

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