Wednesday, 22 October 2014


     Two old women with white stick in hand came towards the dead body to examine it. After a few minutes of examining and looking towards each other they confirmed with a low voice : "PLAGUE".
    London, 1665. Once again the city faced the same curse which started 300 years back.And what is the curse!-well,that I have already mentioned: "OUTBURST OF PLAGUE". This time it was both fortunate and unfortunate. It was fortunate because it was the last time till today. It was unfortunate because 1665 was the biggest outbreak of the deadly epidemic which killed nearly one
fifth population of the city. 
    At that time London's population was increasing rapidly, but most of the population was in poverty and used to lead low quality unhealthy lifestyle. So the city became filthy. These overcrowded slums became the residance of rats. Rattus rattus, the Black Rat, is responsible for infecting humans with
this deadly disease.
    But, due to unawareness of the reason, people started to kill dogs and rats in numbers as those were believed to cause disease spread. According to report around 40,000 dogs and 200,000 cats were slaughtered.
    Poor people were naturally the first one to get affected. Rich persons got rid of this by flying to other parts of the country. Any family with one plague affected victim used to get locked inside their home and a red cross sign was painted on the door with the words ‘Lord have mercy upon us’.
    Weekly bill of mortality used to get sent to England authorities. Nearly 100,000 people died. Finally with approaching winter season the spread came under control as the weather took its toll on rats and fleas. Finally the nature interfered and helped humanity. The epidemic was ended by "Great Fire of London" which burnt most of the affected areas.

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